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Best rehabilitation in Kolkata

Best Rehab Facilities In Kolkata

Kolkata is known as The City of Joy. However, beneath the glittering lights of this beautiful metropolis, there lurks a dark world of addiction that we frequently fail to notice. The truth is that numerous addictions have serious negative effects on a lot of individuals, including children. Addiction to any harmful substance steadily erodes a person's physical and mental faculties. Therefore, it is advisable to get help from the best rehabilitation centre in Kolkata and help them come out of hiding.

Why does a person develop an addiction?

However, the majority of individuals are ignorant of addiction. Many addicts are mistreated as a result of this ignorance, which does more harm than good. Many factors might cause someone to develop an addiction, including Peer pressure, physical and sexual abuse, early drug exposure, stress, and parental supervision are just a few examples of the many elements that can have a significant impact on a person's chance of using drugs and becoming addicted. A person's surroundings, genetic make-up, and developmental stages all have an impact on their probability of developing addiction.

Dopamine is released in huge amounts when addictive substances are used, making the user feel good. The body continues to search for the sensation after it has passed. That is how a person develops a gradual dependence on a substance. Our personnel at the best rehabilitation centre in Kolkata is very aware about these conditions and gives the patient the treatment they require.

What negative effects might addiction have?

Consuming dangerous, addictive substances like alcohol and drugs can lead to a range of serious health problems, such as:

a cardiovascular condition

The stroke.

2. Cancer


• Hepatitis in both forms.

• Lung ailments.

• Mental disorders

So, as soon as you see any indications of addiction, it is highly advisable that you contact the best rehabilitation centre in Kolkata. The addicted person could experience peaks and valleys in energy, such as being utterly fatigued or ecstatically energised. severe emotional swings, difficulty controlling or reducing addicted behaviour, and changes in weight If any of the aforementioned signs or symptoms appear,

visit the Saburi best rehabilitation centre in Kolkata as soon as you notice any symptoms. With early counselling, any addiction can be entirely cured.

Why get aid from the best rehabilitation facility in Kolkata?

A recent survey indicates that the number of alcoholics in Kolkata has virtually doubled in the last five years. If we factor in other contaminants, the figure is concerning. At the Kolkata Foundation, we believe it's critical to restore these individuals' lives. Being Kolkata's top rehabilitation centre, we have a team of skilled medical professionals and knowledgeable support workers that can give patients the best care possible so they may heal quickly and get back to their regular lives.

What services are offered by Kolkata's best rehabilitation centre?

The Kolkata Foundation offers care for persons who are dependent on other addictive substances, such as gambling, gaming, or porn, in addition to providing treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. All of our patients receive the best care possible because of our highly qualified staff and skilled medical team.

The patient must undergo numerous, intense therapy sessions and detoxification processes in order to clear his body and mind of all hazardous elements. We also offer psychoeducation to the patient and his or her family to make sure the patient is appropriately cared for.

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