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Facilities should have in a Rehabilitation Centre

Facilities should have in a rehabilitation centre:

Rehabilitation centre should no less than a home for its patients. Because here we treat a very specific genre of people to help them learn how to care for his/her body. So before choose any rehabilitation centre one must need to know few things about the centre :

1. Need specific facility:

You must think first what kind of rehabilitation you are looking for. Whether the therapist and physician are prescribing appropriate therapies or the approach towards the patient is correct or not. Here in Sabhuri we are specialized to treat drug addiction and alcoholism. We at Sabhuri always aims to provide the best support and assistance to restore the healthy lifestyle to all our patients.

2. 24 hours support:

Day and night support needs to provide for most of the cases so it is necessary to have a 24 hours monitoring system. You must avail an accommodation with this facility and availability of physicians and caregiver whenever necessary. With Sabhuri you will have the facility of fully air conditioned private rooms with attached bathroom or you can choose dormitories , we offer separate kitchen and our medical supports like counselling room is fully equipped to deal with any situations.

3. Qualified staff and treatment plans:

You should know whether the staff and caregiver are certified and are they experienced enough. Yes all the staff and members with us (Sabhuri) certified and experienced. We take care each and every case with utmost care . After proper counselling our expert design the treatment plan for each patient and we strictly follow that until the patient get back to his normal lifestyle.

4. Various supplemental support services during and after treatment:

This is a very important aspect for any rehabilitation facility . As we are healing not only a body but its soul , so the surrounding atmosphere is also very crucial. With various activities like

a. Yoga

b. Meditation

c. Cooking

d. Recreational activities (carom board game)

e. Reading books

the healing process become much quicker and easier. After treatment a time to time counselling is also necessary whether person to person or may be online. Sabhuri offers the best possible accommodation and support during and post treatment.

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