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Rehabilitation Center in Kolkata

Sabhuri is a reliable De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centre in Kolkata for people suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction. Our Special treatment that encompasses physical, emotional and non secular care and successfulness, is obtainable to those seeking facilitate for addiction. The care-giving team comprises of trained specialists like Cognitive Behavior Therapist, Psychiatrist, Counselor, and Family Therapist, as well as Experiential Peer Counselors.

Sabhuri is a unique destination therapy program that is voluntary, non-medical and which offers a one-to-one, client-specific rehabilitation in a luxurious setting through expert care in a compassionate, empathetic and holistic manner.

Sabhuri may be a one-of-its-kind rehabilitation center aka additionally referred to as a de-addiction treatment centre in Bharat situated close to city, state. Sabhuri makes a speciality of providing exceptional residential take care of those full of and ill from addictions. Sabhuri may be a first de-addiction center providing distinctive recovery expertise in holistic healing for substance abusers. Not like several drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, our distinctive focus is on holistic recovery and healing, combined with evidence-based approaches. Sabhuri is completely different; it addresses all of you as a result of you is over your addiction. We help you to heal your mind, body, and spirit for a better life.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Here at Sabhuri we designed a variety of comprehensive, multidisciplinary residential services tailored to the needs of our guests. Our innovative model integrates science-based treatments with holistic healing approaches to create an individualized alcohol dedication experience.

Drug Addiction Treatment

At Sabhuri, we take a unique approach in supporting our guests through the challenges of recovery, including detoxification. We utilize evidence-based treatments combined with across-the-board holistic therapies to supply the foremost effective drug de-addiction treatment across India.

Sabhuri provides state-of-the-art treatment options for recovery from Addiction and associated mental illnesses, in an environment that is non-judgmental, loving, completely confidential and compassionate. If you or a loved one is suffering from substance addiction or associated problems like depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, etc. Contact us through mail or you can call us to start your Journey of Recovery.

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