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Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive disorder characterised by excessive and compulsive alcohol use. It has an impact on the person as well as their family, particularly the kids. Children of alcoholic fathers may not develop normally or have overall good health due to the physical, mental, and behavioural problems they were exposed to.

These problems may have long-term effects on their relationships, mental health, and success in their work and studies. It is crucial to understand the impact of having an alcoholic father on their children in order to develop therapies to decrease the negative impacts and improve outcomes for children and families.

Effect of a Father's Alcoholism on a Child

Having a parent who is an alcoholic can have a significant negative impact on a child's life. The effects of an alcoholic father on a child may include some of the following:

Emotional instability

The unstable or unpredictable nature of their home environment might cause emotional distress in children of alcoholics. Growing up with an alcoholic parent may make it difficult for them to express their emotions or come up with constructive coping mechanisms.

A low sense of self

Children of alcoholics may feel poor self-esteem as a result of feelings of shame, embarrassment, or neglect. They might struggle with merely a sense of identity because their parent's addiction might trump their own goals and accomplishments.

Trust issues

Children of alcoholics, especially those with a history of substance abuse, may have trouble trusting other people. Because of their potential for abandonment and rejection issues, intimacy and forming deep relationships may be challenging for them.

Greater likelihood of addiction

Children of alcoholics are more likely to develop addictions due to hereditary or environmental factors. Additionally, they could be more likely to engage in risky behaviours like drinking or taking drugs to cope with their feelings or social pressures.

Obstacles in the classroom and in relationships

Children of alcoholics may struggle academically and socially as a result of the chaos and turbulence at home. They could find it difficult to maintain focus while studying, participate in extracurricular activities, or establish friends with their classmates.

Not all children of alcoholics would suffer these effects; some would develop resilience and acquire coping mechanisms that enable them to overcome challenges. It is essential to look for support and resources, such as therapy or support groups, to help children and families affected by alcoholism.

How to Deal with Alcohol Addiction with the Help of saburi rehabilitation centre

The alcohol rehabilitation facility in Kolkata that focuses on treating alcoholism is called saburi rehabilitation centre. They can provide you a range of tools and services to assist you in beating alcoholism, such as:

Therapeutic Detoxification

To overcome alcohol addiction, a medical detoxification procedure must first be completed. In a deaddiction centre in kolkata, this procedure comprises getting rid of alcohol from your body while managing withdrawal symptoms.

Personalised Treatment Programmes

Depending on your particular needs and circumstances, saburi rehabilitation centre can provide you a particular course of therapy. This regimen may include both individual or group counselling and medication-assisted treatment.

A Friendly Environment

You can have safe conversations with other people who are struggling with addiction at the Saburi Rehabilitation Centre. In this community, you can discover encouragement and support for maintaining sobriety.

Aftercare Assistance

After finishing your rehab at saburi rehabilitation centre you will have access to resources and continuous support that will help you keep your sobriety.

The Saburi Rehabilitation Centre can help you manage your alcohol addiction by providing you with medical detoxification, personalised treatment plans, counselling and therapy, as well as a caring environment and aftercare support. Make a call to +91 6289392832 for further details.

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